There’s Power in Going to the House of God

I have heard so people say they don’t need to go to church, or they can watch church on television. I’m not shunning anyone who chooses to watch sermons on television. I enjoy Christian networks and several television programs myself. This blog is not about that…who I am speaking to is the person who has lost the desire to go to church due to a personal experience or who doesn’t see the need to attend.

Just like renewing our minds in God’s Word daily, attending a Bible-led, Holy Spirit filled, and God-fearing church who believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is necessary in a believers walk. It’s an opportunity to come together in the house of God to give Him honor and praise, for He is worthy. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20. We are encouraged when we come together in His house, have an opportunity to hear God’s Word and the application for our lives (how it applies), experience God’s glory and presence, are filled up where we have been depleted throughout the week, and so much more when we come to His house. I have a story to share with you…

This past Sunday after attending church, I stopped by a Panera Bread for breakfast. The message for the pastor’s sermon was on Praise. Needless to say, I was still full of the message and the worship experience as I entered the restaurant. The lines were long, which could be irritating to some but expected by others on a Sunday morning. However, it didn’t matter to me because I had just been reminded in church that I have a lot to be thankful for – a lot to praise God for.

So as I waited patiently, I was thankful for the use of my limbs to stand in the line, money in my wallet to buy a bagel and soufflé, and to be alive on that beautiful Sunday morning. Things that would have ruffled my feathers didn’t…

After purchasing my food, I left the restaurant behind a woman who was on her cellular phone caring a Starbucks cup in one hand and a bag in the other. She had parked right beside me. The woman didn’t realize I was several steps behind her as she opened her car door, got inside, and then allowed her door to swing back into mine.

Though this was considered an accident, the woman had parked close to my driver’s side door with plenty of room on her passenger’s side door. There was a loud obvious noise as her door hit my car, but the woman didn’t look back to see what she had done. I walked up and immediately looked at my door. The woman looked straight ahead to avoid eye contact.

Inside I felt my flesh try to rise up, but I instantly felt a greater power from within. The flesh wanted me to widely open my door; however, I was still empowered from the message at church that the flesh lost that battle and my mind and body submitted to the will of the Holy Spirit. I got inside my car and drove away feeling good.

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Yes, this is a situation that occurs quite often, but how do you handle it when it does. What you put in is what you will get out. I thank God I was able to attend church that morning to allow God’s Word to pour into me, so that I was ready when the enemy tried to attack me.

We can receive more than we think from God when we make ourselves available to Him. I have been blessed countless times from attending worship service. God is more than a Father who helps us pay our bills and puts food on our table. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16. He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Don’t allow the enemy to cause you to miss out on every opportunity to experience the presence of God. If you do not have a church home, or had an undesirable experience, then go to God in prayer and ask for guidance in finding the right church home for you and your family. We ask for everything else…why not this? I believe David said it best in Psalm 122:1 – I was glad when they said to me,” Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

If you are not saved, please visit my Salvation Prayer page. The promises I write about in this blog site can be for you too by accepting God’s free gift of salvation today. Jesus has already paid the price. Choose not to let another day go by without Him. It’s just not worth it.

Love you all in Christ,
Ayesha L. Shoulders

Have a blessed week!
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2 thoughts on “There’s Power in Going to the House of God

  1. Thanks Ayesha for a powerful reminder to walk in the spirit and to come into the house of the Lord and do not forsake the assembling of the saints. Your soul magnifies the Lord and that lady saw God at work. Peace and continued Blessings ❤️

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