Don’t Let Your Mind Become A Playground

Overthinking. Overreacting.

The mind can become the devil’s playground… if you allow it.

How many of you have made the mistake of overthinking a situation? Did you confront the person to find out what you thought was not even the case?

Did the relationship end over what you thought, or did you regret how you handled it?

This is where you recognize you have allowed the enemy to take you for a ride. A ride that you would regret.

Thank God for Jesus and the gift of salvation. Our Heavenly Father is full of mercy and grace for all His children. He is love and wants the best for us; this is why I choose to pray to Him first before I make a move or say anything. Am I perfect? No. But life lessons have taught me it is best to be Quick to listen, Slow to speak, and Slow to anger (James 1:19).

At any moment our minds can be swayed by our emotions. What we shouldn’t do is allow our emotions to cause us to respond out of anger. This is never good and doesn’t end well. This can destroy a relationship, or even have a lasting effect on various areas of our lives by just one slip of the tongue. The Bible says in James 3:6 the tongue can set the whole course of one’s life on fire. THIS IS TRUE.

I have encountered an experience where someone didn’t handle a situation the way I thought they should have. I could have immediately reacted to prove a point (this is another area that some struggle with, so you’re not alone), but instead I chose to Be Still and say nothing. When I did that, it worked out for itself. The drama that could have resulted from proving a point was avoided. I pursued peace (Hebrews 12:14) and it worked out for my good.

I have learned that people know when they have not responded in love; they do not need us to tell them they are wrong all the time. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, not ours. If you’re seeking the satisfaction of being right, then there may be another underlying issue there called PRIDE, which is not pleasing to God. But GOD! He’s able to help us break that too. I’m so thankful in all of our imperfections, God is willing to help us. 

Again — have you ever thought something to find out it wasn’t the case after you responded not so perfectly? I have come to the understanding that people are not always going to respond on our timetable, or the way we think they should. This does not mean they do not care about you. Life happens. For instance, you may share good news with someone via text, but if they do not respond in what you think is a reasonable time, the devil may cause you to think the person doesn’t care, is hating on you, or is not a true friend. When on the other side, the person may not have had a chance to read your text, or may have wanted to wait until a more appropriate time in the day to congratulate you in a way that isn’t rushed or insincere. We have to get out of the fast food mentally of Have It Your Way all the time.

Let’s not give the enemy a chance to dictate what we think, how we move, or how we respond to others. Too many situations can go downhill from overreacting. My prayer is that you will pause before responding the next time (there will be a next time as long as you’re on Earth) and pray to God first. A lot of times it may turn out that what you thought wasn’t even the case, and you will be glad you hadn’t said anything at all. Only you and God will know the mistake that was avoided. 

Remember, it’s the devil’s job to steal, kill, and destroy. Don’t give him a foothold in your life by allowing him in your thoughts to cause havoc. Take every thought captive to bring it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Our God is love, peace, and wants restoration. Listen to Him and how He wants you to handle a situation. You will never go wrong by listening to Him first. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit by ignoring Him, but allow the Spirit to guide you in the way you should handle a concern.

I pray this message serves its purpose in your life. Have a blessed week!

Love you all in Christ,

Ayesha L. Shoulders

If you are not saved, please visit my Salvation Prayer page. God wants you to accept His free gift of salvation today. Jesus has already paid the price.
Thank you Father for your son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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