God does Speak – EXODUS

ripples on the water

Allow God to part the Red Sea in your life today. Seek Him and Listen to what He has to say about your situation (Godly Wisdom).

You’re probably wondering if I follow what I write in my blog; in last week’s message I recommended reading Exodus to get an understanding of how Moses felt when God sent him to Pharaoh to bring His people the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 3:10). Moses wasn’t confident that he could complete this command from God. How many of us feel inadequate to fulfill a position or role God wants to put us in? If you were feeling this way, I hope you read Exodus to see how God selected ordinary people in the Bible – just like us – to complete mighty tasks through His power, and how the ones selected didn’t always feel they could accomplish it or felt worthy enough to do it. Have you ever heard someone ask, “Why me Lord?”

Well after I wrote the blog, the following Saturday I went for a power walk through my neighborhood. I walked pass a house that I have passed many times before living in this neighborhood for ten years. A car was parked in front of the house with license plates that read EXODUS. I immediately thought, ” Hmmm, God are you trying to tell me something?” I continued on my walk amazed that I had recommended Exodus in my recent post, but was I supposed to go back and read it for myself?

Here comes Tuesday morning this week…I receive daily devotions from my church and a close friend. The title for my friend’s devotion was Somebody Prayed For Me with the verse to read Exodus 15:13. I immediately thought, OK, I’m going to read Exodus. This is too many occurrences to prompt me to read Exodus, and I’m going to be obedient in case God is trying to tell me something.

People in the world may think this is coincidental, but we will never lose when we go to God’s Word REGARDLESS. Godly wisdom is always needed and the Word is where we will receive it. I have started reading Exodus. Do I have an answer for you right now, No, but I’m going to continue to read it and seek God in the process. God does speak. He speaks in many ways. If you ever want to know if it is God speaking, then go to the Bible. This is God’s Word. God will never contradict Himself. This is one way to know if it is God speaking or the enemy.

God has His timing to reveal things. It’s for us to be obedient and wait for Him to respond, reveal, deliver, or move. Sometimes people ignore the initial prompt and then they miss the blessing because they didn’t do what God told them to do initially. The first request could be as simple as opening the Bible to read His Word. My point is that we shouldn’t chalk up everything as a coincidence. God does speak, but are you listening and willing to do what He says? This is a question only you can answer truthfully.

If God has been trying to get your attention, please do not ignore Him. I pray that He will make it clear to you and that you will step up to His calling. The same goes for me too. The time for procrastination has passed and it’s time to be intentional, as my friend Audrey says, with our walk with God. I pray this message speaks to your heart today. May the remainder of your week be blessed in the Lord.

Love you all in Christ,
Ayesha Shoulders

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Thank you Father for your son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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