You are not alone

You are not alone. We cannot get caught up on what we see on the outside. You may think you are alone in your situation and that no one around you understands, but I can assure you that is not the case. I was talking to someone this past weekend and she was happy about some good news she had received. From the outside looking in, this woman seems to have it all. She’s physically fit, has a family, beautiful child, and has a career; it seems like everything is perfect. However, she revealed to me that she had suffered losses, but she and her husband had received a blessing from God that they had wanted for years. It happened when she had stopped trying to make it work in her own timing. All in God’s timing.
From the outside looking in, it may look like you’re the only one undergoing hardships and are experiencing trials. In privacy you’re probably asking God when your breakthrough is going to happen. When Father? When is it going to happen? Have you ever had this conversation with God? I know I have. The words remind me of the song by Charles Jenkins, Can’t Turn Back. The songwriter is claiming “victory is mine,” and that he can’t turn back. He is waiting for God to blow his mind, which means he is expecting the breakthrough. If you haven’t heard this song, I recommend listening to it. Here are the lyrics:
I rose this morning in my right mind
Brand new mercy came right on time
Claiming right now “victory is mine”
Hand me a stick so I can draw the line
I can’t let it bring me down
I can’t let you turn me around
‘Cause I’ve got God on my side
And I (can’t turn back)
Well I’ve got God on my side
And I (can’t turn back)
No I can’t (can’t turn back)
No I can’t (can’t turn back)
Well I’ve got God on my side
And I (can’t turn back)
I’ve been praying, I’ve been giving
I’ve been serving, I’ve been praising
I’ve got God on my side
And I (can’t turn back)
Well I’ve come too far for a stop sign
Holding on ’cause Jesus is mine
Holding on ’cause Jesus is mine
Waiting on God to blow my mind
Waiting on God to blow my mind
Waiting on God to blow my mind
God is faithful! Remain faithful and stay the course. Never give up. There is no one good thing He will withhold from those who do what is right (Psalm 84:11 NLT). Your breakthrough may not have come just yet, but never think God is not working or doesn’t have a plan for you. I don’t care how long you have been waiting. We serve a God who doesn’t slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:4). He’s always working. He is also in control of time, so we can relax and stop looking at the clock.
Again, you are not alone. Everyone may not tell you what they are facing. I had a conversation with my pastor the other day and she said everyone is going through something; they’re either coming out or are in it. This is life, but thank God we are not alone and are victorious because of Jesus in all situations.
Maybe we should stop feeling ashamed and prideful and start sharing our testimonies with others. You never know how God will use your testimony to encourage someone else. No one is saying you have to share your whole life story, always use godly wisdom, but do we not share anything at all because we’re afraid (God didn’t give us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7)) of what others will think of us afterwards? That we will be looked at as vulnerable, not having it all together as we want people to believe? How do you all feel in regards to this? Leave a comment. Share your thoughts.
Personally, from experience, I do not believe in sharing with someone who walks away with no real purpose for what I have shared; in that instance you’re possibly just giving the person information to gossip about you or to use what you shared to benefit them at your own expense. As I stated, it’s always best to use godly wisdom. How do you get it? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal who to talk to, what to say, and when in all circumstances. But never forget that you are not alone. Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Whatever you need to endure a trial, ask God to help you and He will give you what you need to persevere and come through not lacking anything. He already knows what we need before we ask anyway. He is faithful. I am a living witness.
I have also spoken to people who have tried to paint a perfect picture of their life, sometimes in a way for you to envy them, but in my head I knew it was all for show. If they knew what I was truly thinking, honestly, they wouldn’t have exerted the energy to add more fluff to impress me. It didn’t work. I see a lot of this on Facebook.
Who are we trying to impress when God knows the truth. Honestly, it’s not even worth faking it. The Bible clearly states that we shouldn’t be envious of each other (1 Peter 2:1). We have a loving father in Heaven who owns everything and has plans, talents, and blessings for each of his children who seek Him. I don’t care how much fluff people may add to their life story, I want my blessing and what He has for me. Can you relate?
In my walk with God, I love to share the power of Christ. What may have knocked some people down, God has brought me through unscathed by FAITH. Through godly wisdom I have learned to share life experiences and testimonies to encourage or to share with God appointed standers who will stand with me in prayer (it’s never a group of people, but maybe one or two prayer warriors who God has sent me). Remember the prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16).
I pray that this blog encourages you this week and that God will speak to your specific need today. Thank you to those who are led to share this blog and for all the comments that are left. Your comments are read and are uplifting, trust me. Have a blessed remainder of your week.
Love you in Christ,
Ayesha L. Shoulders

black and white sport fight boxer
We are all winners with Jesus Christ!
If you are not saved, please visit my Salvation Prayer page. God wants you to accept His free gift of salvation today. Jesus has already paid the price.
Thank you Father for your son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

3 thoughts on “You are not alone

  1. Reminds me of these lyrics:
    I’ll never leave you
    Never forsake you
    No matter what you’re going through
    I’ve got good news for you
    I’ll be with you always

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