Jesus will keep you in perfect peace


Have you ever been going through life without a care in the world, as a walker gradually walking through a neighborhood admiring the beautiful scenery, when suddenly a car (figuratively) comes driving at you in high speed? With only a second to spare you’re able to jump out of the way. The actions of the negligent driver shakes you up and takes you out of your peaceful place to a bellowing rage. You begin to curse the driver out, or choose an action that is outside of your normal demeanor. You allow the situation to take your peace away. Then you walk away and begin to tell everyone you know about what had happened; sharing that negative experience all day to anyone who will listen. Now all it takes is for one person to agree with your response to the situation and that motivates you to talk about it again, and again, and again—the anger growing inside of you like weeds that take root over a garden that has been left unattended by its owner. You begin to experience no peace, no joy, and then fear comes upon you. Fear that paralyzes you from walking around your own neighborhood again, or with your guard up in anticipation of another car coming at you. These were all the intentions of the enemy.
Would you believe it’s possible to handle the situation a different way?
You’re walking down the street, enjoying life, enjoying your fellowship with God, waking up knowing that He is with you and will protect you. Believing what God said in Isaiah 26:3 NKJV You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. You have already made up in your mind that God has you covered from front to back and head to toe regardless of what the day may bring. As you turn the corner, a car starts driving towards you at full speed. The speed limit is 25 mph in the residential neighborhood, but the car is going 80 mph. With only a second to spare, not even enough time to react, God snatches you up and moves you out of the way. Once you come back to the reality of what just occurred, you start shaking. Your heart is racing so fast that it feels like it’s about to come out of your chest. As you try to catch your breath, the driver gets out of the car with every apology possible, claiming not to have seen you (forgetting the fact that he or she was driving over the speed limit to begin with), and in anger you begin to shout at the person. “You could have killed me! What is wrong with you?!” This is a normal response. We’re human. However, you begin to thank God that the driver didn’t kill you. You praise God that you’re still alive. Instead of talking about it all day in anger, you share a testimony about the power of God. You have your peace!
We have a choice in all that we go through. Are we going to let it steal our joy and peace? Or are we going to wake up daily recognizing that we need Jesus to function, to breathe, and to walk in this fallen world? Practice doing this today – keeping your mind on Jesus. Remember with anything that is different or out of the norm, it takes time to develop as a habit. But do not give up! Jesus will help you do it. We cannot allow anyone to take away our peace. Do not give your power away. If they take your peace, they will take your mind, if they take your mind, then they will take your emotions…and then your situation will start to look bigger than God. Remember whatever you feed will grow. If you feed your emotions, you’ll become an emotional human being. If you pursue peace (Hebrews 12:14), you will be a peacemaker.
God is bigger and greater than anything you could ever face. Allow His peace to transform you and change your outlook on your situation. He will keep you in perfect peace, but remember we have to do our part as well. There is a caveat to this – whose mind is stayed on Him.
Keep the faith. God is with you.

8 thoughts on “Jesus will keep you in perfect peace

  1. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. We always fish for people to come to our pity party or signify our self righteous attitude. We have the power to choose life instead of death.

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    1. Yes, we do! We reap what we sow…if we sow negativity than that is what we will receive. Sometimes we repeat old sayings that we grew up with and wonder why nothing has changed. Let’s speak Life into our situation and choose not to confess what we do not want to happen.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. It’s greatly appreciated.


  2. Amen to all of this . When you let the devil in your mind he will ruine you . But when you ask God for peace he will give it to you. Glory be to God thank you Lord .

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