The Importance of Fellowship

I used to be apart of a writers club. No matter how much writing I was able to get done throughout the week (God has blessed me to publish two books), I felt more energized to start writing again after attending a meeting. Being in the presence of other writers revived my desire to write when I didn’t feel like it; I also enjoyed sharing my experiences and hearing what worked and what didn’t from other authors as well.

We were there to help each other during all the challenges new and experienced authors go through. Can you relate when fellowshipping with other believers?

Have you ever felt like staying home from church on a Sunday, but praised God that you didn’t afterwards? On that particular day it felt like the sermon was made for you, the praise and worship lifted your spirits, and being in the presence of other believers with the Holy Spirit moving throughout the sanctuary sent you literally skipping with joy, and rejoicing inside as you exited the church grounds. Did you mouth the words, “I’m so glad I didn’t stay home!”

I’ve been there before so I know it is true. The enemy will come with every excuse of why you can’t attend church. Have you ever thought this:

  • I stayed out late the night before, so I’ll just stay in and rest. One Sunday won’t hurt (then you look up and you’ve missed several in a row).
  • I’ve ran around all day on Saturday. I’m tired and need a day of rest before going back to work tomorrow.
  • I’ll just stay in and watch church on TV (but you never get around to it or allow distractions around you to get in the way (be careful of the attacks from the enemy)).
  • The Lord understands.
  • I’m not in a good mood (situation getting you down). I love God, but I’m not up to worshipping or feel like being around anyone today.

This is a no judgement zone. I am not judging anyone, but simply sharing what I’ve been through, or what I’ve heard others say to let you know that you’re not alone. It’s time to expose the enemy for who he is – a liar.

There is a reason the enemy wants to keep you home and away from fellowshipping with other believers. We lift each other up when we’re down. Depression runs deeper in isolation, causing you to feel hopeless and see no way out of your situation (doubting any possibility of change). There is power in sharing our testimonies, which is an encouragement to others, and most importantly God deserves our praise! Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

The enemy does not want us to praise God, so he will try to drop any little seed in our minds to keep us from worshipping, especially together. It is up to us not to water it and allow it to grow. The next time these thoughts come into your mind, think about where it’s really coming from (i.e., are there any benefits to it; is it against the Word of God?) and take them captive at that moment (2 Cor 10:5).

We were not made to be alone. When you read the Book of Acts it talks about the apostles going out and spreading the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ. God did not send them out alone, but with a partner. When one is going through the trials of life, we can stand together and lift the other up in prayer until the breakthrough comes…

In the Book of Matthew 18:20 Jesus says For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. This is not saying that God will not hear you when you pray to Him alone (we need to have our own personal relationship with God as well), but I want you to know there is also power in praying together.

Do not let one negative experience keep you from fellowshipping with other believers. Ask God to guide you to the person to talk to or the place to worship. The Holy Spirit is the best guide you will ever find and He is always willing to help (Matthew 26:41). Are you willing to accept His help today? It is life-changing and for the better, I am a living witness.

I pray that this blog was a blessing to you today. Share your thoughts and let others know about the Awesome God we serve. Have a blessed remainder of your week.

Love you in Christ,
Ayesha L. Shoulders

I thank God for Pastor Beatrice Williams of Real Life Gospel Ministries International Church of Woodbridge, VA for reminding me of the importance of fellowship when I went through a trial. God knows where we need to be and what we need to hear when we make ourselves available to hear from Him.

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Fellowship

  1. This has happened so often for me. Excuses one after the other. The devils sees what God has in store and will do anything to discourage you. But thanks be unto God for his faithfulness!

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  2. Church is for us, more than God. We have to fuel up on the word. Put on the whole armor of Christ. I know when I don’t attend Church on Sunday’s I feel like somethings missing. Naked, like when I forget to put on my earrings or wedding ring. Not complete. Well that emptiness resides within my heart when I miss Church. Every time I attend I feel complete & the message was for me. I love God !! One day of praise just isn’t enough. I need you now God. Thank you Jesus. Thanks for the word Eisha, my sister in Christ. Amen

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    1. Well-said and so true! I have felt the exact same way as if something is missing. We are one body in Christ. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches; apart from Him we can do nothing. We need that time with Him. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness as @Patrice so clearly put it. He loves us and is always available.


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